Carmarthenshire Council praises one of its plasterers after becoming darts champ

Carmarthenshire Council has congratulated you when its workers follow it and win a world darts title.

Jonny Clayton (pictured above in 2018) from Pontyberem, Carmarthenshire, won the World Cup of Darts trophy with Welsh Gerwyn Price on Sunday

The pair beat England 3-0 in Salzburg (Austria) to become the first Welsh championship winners.

When he’s not at the dartboard, Jonny – ranked 16th in the world – spends his time plastering new and renovated homes and schools for Carmarthenshire Council.

Council Chairman Cllr Emlyn Dole said it was an honor to have a world champion on the payroll.

“We are very proud of Jonny and everything he has achieved,” he said.

“What a fantastic achievement for him, a humble man from Pontyberem, to win the trophy for his country in a sport he loves.

“Jonny is a valued member of the Carmarthenshire Council team who is as talented at plastering as he is at darts.”

He added: “As with any employee who represents his country in elite sport, we have given Jonny our full support to ensure that he can do his day job and has the time to train and compete.

“We’ll be proud to see him home in Carmarthenshire – and when we know Jonny he’ll be back at work shortly after trading his arrows for his hawk and trowel.”

The father of two, nicknamed The Ferret while scruming for Pontyberem RFC, spoke to the media after his victory and described himself as “the proudest man on the planet”.

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