Caravans pile onto field as large group of travellers sets up camp

More than 20 travelers’ RVs and caravans were seen at Berkeley Field in one of the largest groups Scunthorpe has seen in a while.

The vehicles are distributed over the field in groups of four or five.

They are believed to have arrived at Scunthorpe Field this morning or last night.

Tire marks can be seen where they hit the grassy area on Doncaster Road.

More than three dozen vehicles are now parked there, including delivery vans and tow trucks.

Several groups of travelers spent the week moving between unauthorized campsites in north Lincolnshire after a long break in lockdown.

A smaller group had settled at Bull’s Field on Manor Road in Scunthorpe on Monday before quickly being ordered to vacate the premises.

A dozen garbage bags worth rubbish were left in a field they used in Cleethorpes, with local volunteers also finding discarded bikes and toys.

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