Business opportunities from water testing

According to industry feedback gathered by ADEY, gas engineers can enjoy growth opportunities by offering customers routine water quality checks. This service will also ensure their heating systems are performing well.

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Using on-site testing, engineers can undertake remedial actions while on the job, giving a higher quality service and better protection for the heating system. They can also boost the profitability of jobs to the tune of several thousand pounds every year, by adding a surcharge to annual services and value-add treatments like inhibitor top-ups and full system flushes.

ADEY provides this example: If an engineer does 100 annual services per year and implements a £20 surcharge for water testing, they could make £2000 in additional revenue for just over eight hours’ work.

On-site testing also allows engineers to have more productive conversations with their customers about the benefits of treatments, such as cleansing the system with an ADEY MagnaCleanse.

These findings were reported by a cross-section of engineers who have been using ADEY ProCheck, which promises lab-quality results without the wait.

Since using ADEY ProCheck, engineers described doing an inhibitor top-up on 72% of service and repair jobs. Assuming an engineer takes on 100 jobs each year and charges a minimum of £30, that equates to approximately £3000 on top of their standard fees. And, if ADEY ProCheck helps an engineer to take on just 10 extra MagnaCleanse system cleanses per year, in line with the figures that some early adopters have stated, this could be worth more than £5400 to their business.

How it works

The ADEY ProCheck water test kit gives engineers a detailed insight into the water quality inside a heating system by measuring for inhibitors, corrosion, and pH levels on site. The process is quick and easy and involves taking a small water sample, using one of the supplied test strips, then scanning it against a unique test card via the ADEY ProCheck app to receive instant results. These can be emailed directly to the customer and saved in a management portal, which allows the engineer to compare against previous results to identify potential trends.

Sean Payne of S Payne Plumbing and Heating was one of the first engineers to get hold of an ADEY ProCheck kit and he hasn’t looked back since. “It’s ground-breaking” he said, “there’s no other product on the market like it. You can see exactly what’s going on with the system in an instant and, best of all, you can also show the results to the customer to help them understand.”

Another benefit identified was that ADEY ProCheck helps to streamline engineers’ workloads, which means many of their jobs are now more profitable than before. Paul Randall of Randall Gas explains:

“ADEY ProCheck helps me to work smarter, not harder. I’m able to protect heating systems through more profitable jobs. This is because I can carry out my services and talk to the homeowner about their water quality while still on the job and then undertake the work needed to rectify any issues immediately. This removes the need for repeat visits, which ultimately means less hassle for the homeowner and more profitable jobs for me.”

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