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A school swimming pool has been brought back to life thanks to coatings specialist Bradite.

Ipswich School now has a refreshed pool thanks to the Bradite CC24 chlorinated rubber eggshell coating.

A masonry blasting specialist removed the ramshackle existing rubberized surface and provided a clean concrete substrate for the Bradite product to be applied.

Cladspray Solutions from Norwich then primed the pool surfaces with a 20% thinned layer of CC24. This was followed by two undiluted coats of the same product, supplied in a color specified by the customer.

“The choice fell on CC24 because it is designed for use in swimming pools, because it is easy to use and because we have trusted the product after using it in previous projects,” says Dan Ruegg, technical sales manager at Cladspray Solutions.

He added, “We also had a specification from Bradite Paints’ James Burton that was followed throughout the project. The end result is a fantastic swimming pool renovation. “

The chlorinated rubber coating is dry to the surface in just 30 minutes and can be painted over after eight hours. It is corrosion-resistant, offers excellent chemical resistance and is suitable for use on concrete, porous mineral and appropriately prepared iron and non-iron surfaces. It can be applied with a brush or roller or conventional air or airless spray.

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