Biker injured after police car crash during Audi pursuit

The new A46 Dunholme / Welton roundabout is now fully open after a £ 5.6 million project of extensive work on the accident site.

Work began last July and was due to open to the public in late May 2021, but poor weather required further closings.

The work carried out by Eurovia Contracting included the excavation of 40,000 tons of material, the installation of over 3.2 km of new kerning and 22 new street lighting poles.

As part of the project, the hilltop of the A46 in the direction of Market Rasen was lowered by two meters to improve visibility after complaints that the road had become a hotspot. Half a mile of road was also rebuilt, and the dangerous curve of Lincoln Road was realigned and straightened.

The Dunholme / Welton A46 roundabout project was partially funded by the Department of Transport with £ 2 million, with the rest coming from third-party donors and the city council itself.

The project started in July last year and the work was completed in June 2021. | Photo: LCC

John Siddle, spokesman for the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said: “At the A46 junction at Welton, which has now become the location of a new roundabout, there have been 16 crashes with injuries. However, over the past 5 years, garage video surveillance has recorded many more and we are fortunate that most of these collisions did not result in a reported injury.

“Four people were seriously injured in these clashes and while most people recover, some will stay for life. We see in the completion of the roundabout not only an improvement in the flow of traffic, but also a safer environment for all road users and a good example of how we can solve the problems on our roads. “

Councilor Richard Davies, Executive Member for Motorways, said: “I am pleased to announce that the new A46 Dunholme / Welton roundabout is now fully open.

“On average, over 11,000 vehicles use this stretch of road every day, so I’m sure the safer junction with Lincoln Road and better visibility on the A46 will be welcomed by locals and commuters alike.

“This project has been a huge undertaking and this new roundabout is a testament to their hard work over the past ten months.

“The new roundabout not only increases safety on the A46, but drivers can also expect fewer traffic jams. The program also helps to support future development in the region. “

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