Aqua Guard V Scuff X – Which is better?

Aqua Guard Satin v Scuff X

By Chris Green

I’ve read a lot of opinions on various forums that Scuff X is a bombproof satin and the best out there, so I did a test it. I painted the right side of the door with 2 coats of Scuff X and the left with 1 Aqua Primer and an Aqua Guard Satin. Both cover well and feel solid.

I asked my wife to decide what color we would use for our kitchen. She chose Aqua Guard Satin because she said it covered better and had more depth. This confirmed previous tests I had done on them.

The most surprising factor was that, after letting the samples cure completely for 5 weeks, when I started prep I couldn’t believe how quickly the “bombproof” Scuff X came off. If you care about giving your customers the best, durable satin finish, then Aqua Guard Satin wins hands down.

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