Another couple let down after they booked a Skegness hotel to find it closed and looking ‘like a building site’

A couple traveled two and a half hours from Leicester to find out that the hotel they had booked was “expired” – and they’re not the first either.

Natalie Turner, 43, booked a weekend on the Lincolnshire coast for her partner Lee North’s 45th birthday.

They thought they booked at the new Premier Inn but instead booked the Premier Hotel which has a similar name and branding.

“I’ve always booked with and I’ve booked Premier Inns before,” said Ms. Turner. “I searched for ‘Premier’ and found a similar purple logo, so I assumed it was the Premier Inn and booked it thinking it was.

“When we checked in at the Premier Inn and I told them we booked through, they knew exactly what happened.”

Thought they still had a hotel to go to and still wanted to make the most of their weekend, the couple made their way to the Premier Hotel, but what they found was not what they expected.

Premier Inn (left) and Premier Hotel (right) in Skegness

“When we got there, the building was derelict. It was like a construction site. We also had a drink while waiting for check-in, so we couldn’t even go home. “

“We called and they offered to move us to a hostel, but I said we wouldn’t stop there.

“They gave us another option but wanted to charge us another £ 170 to stay there.

“They said I would have to wait seven days for a refund, which is today and it’s still not in my bank account.

“People at the Premier Inn said that other people had problems and never got a refund.

“It’s shocking. A lot of people in Skegness talk about this company cheating on people, but I never expected to be part of it.”

Dr. JR Kodali has defended itself and its companies, blaming for it.

“When people book on, the money doesn’t go to me. It goes to

“I told that we would be closed from May 17th to June 10th, but they haven’t updated their website.

“Instead, people will receive cancellation emails the day or day before they book.”

Dr. Kodali apologized to those who booked at his hotel and were unable to stay there.

“I’m sorry. These people booked my hotel in the hope of having a great vacation in Skegness, but unfortunately I disappointed them.” issued a statement stating, “Our main goal at is to provide our customers with a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

“On the rare occasion that our customers encounter a mistake in their booking, our customer service team is available 24/7 to provide assistance and find a solution for all parties.

“We are currently examining the details of this particular property with the aim of finding a satisfactory solution for all affected customers.”

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