Almost 60 per cent fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in North Lincolnshire

Almost 60 percent of the people in North Lincolnshire are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The latest figures were released by NHS England as the Delta variant spreads across the UK.

A total of 98,155 people, or 74 percent, received their first stitch in North Lincolnshire and another 80,773, or 58 percent, had their second stitch on June 6th.

Across the UK, 40.8 million people, or 77.6 percent, received their first vaccination and 28.8 million, or 54.8 percent, their second.

Deputy Director of Public Health Geoff Barnes has raised concerns about the new Delta variant – but believes the vaccine is still effective.

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Tamara, 25, center, holds Gianella, 24’s hand as she receives her first Pfizer vaccine on June 6, 2021 in Stanmore, Greater London

He said, “We have come to a fork in the road and it is up to people to make the right decisions to ensure we continue on the path to recovery.

“Since different variants are prevalent in England, the virus is more easily transmitted from person to person.

“Current evidence suggests that the vaccine is still effective against the variants we are currently seeing and we ask everyone to have their first and second dose when it is offered, as that is the best protection that can be we have against the virus.

Updates on the Covid-19 vaccine in your area

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“Not everyone has been vaccinated, however, and those who received one or both doses of the vaccine can still transmit the virus.

“The best people can do is keep taking these important steps to reduce transmission – things like social distancing, wearing a mask in shops and enclosed public spaces, and washing your hands regularly are all very effective to keep the virus from moving in between people. “

How to book your vaccine

People aged 25 and over are currently invited to book their Covid-19 vaccine.

People can use the national booking service to reserve a spot at an NHS vaccination center or one of the pharmacy-run services across the country.

The booking service can be accessed at If you can’t go online, you can call 119 free of charge.

NHS teams visit those who are housebound and unable to travel to a vaccination service.

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