Aldi launches recruitment drive to fill more than 30 jobs as new supermarket coming to Lincoln

Aldi Supermarket is hiring more than 30 new colleagues in Lincoln to fill its newest store in the county.

The UK’s fifth largest supermarket is looking for store assistants for its current store on Wragby Road. For the opening of the new location in the Moorland Center, another 25 jobs are to be created.

The incoming store will be the third in the region and will be open to the public from January 2022.

Recruitment and training will begin in September before the opening.

Some Aldi colleagues have given those who might want to apply an insight.

This will soon be a familiar sign at the Moorland Center

Deputy Branch Manager Jim Sandhu said, “I would suggest that you go to your local store to see the team and its day-to-day operations. This type of exercise can help candidates demonstrate their knowledge of the business and show a solid understanding of how the business works.

“When I applied for my position, I had an interview with the store manager who kindly gave me some time, which gave me a very strong position in the interview as I was able to speak knowledgeably about how a business works and identify some of the greatest challenges a deputy branch manager would face. “

Kelly Stokes, Recruitment Director at Aldi, added, “We always want to see that applicants have done their homework because it shows how much commitment a person puts in the company.

“We are currently in an ambitious growth phase and are constantly looking for people who are hungry to learn more about us and the way we work.

“Candidates who make an extra effort in their research are ideally positioned to start their application and their new job at Aldi.”

Kara Greatorex, Regional Managing Director at Aldi, also said, “We are excited about the open positions that have emerged across Lincoln, along with the opening of our third store in the region in early 2022.

“Aldi’s increased popularity and customer demand for quality products enables us to continue growing and creating more job opportunities in Lincolnshire.”

“In addition to our fantastic advantages, such as the competitive salary and benefits package, Aldi continues to offer a great working environment and real career opportunities within the company.

The majority of Aldi colleagues are now getting a minimum rate of £ 9.55 an hour, which goes up to £ 10.57.

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