5 amazing wave pools and water slides within an hour’s drive of Lincoln

With temperatures rising higher and higher, what better way to cool off than visiting a local water park?

If you’re braving the heat, why not get a good adrenaline rush too?

Lincolnshire residents are in a prime position to benefit from some of the best channel and wave machines in the UK.

Sure, they have plenty of beaches nearby too.

But sometimes there is an itch that only a wild wave machine or a slide turning in the stomach can scratch.

We’ve compiled a list of the best places within an hour’s drive of Lincoln for you and your family to have fun and stay cool:

1 – Lincolnshire Aqua Park

Where: Lincolnshire Aquapark and Water Sports Lake, Grange Leisure, Alford Rd, Mablethorpe

Cost: £ 16 per hour

Lincolnshire Aqua Park is not a conventional water park with chlorinated water and tile floors, but is located in a special lake on the coast.

Mablethorpe is the closest town to the attraction and it takes just over an hour to drive from downtown Lincoln.

Once there, you can let off a lot of steam on your water storm course with hamster wheels, explosive bags and slides.

2 – Cleethorpes Leisure Center

Where: Cleethorpes Leisure Center (Lincs Inspire), Kingsway, Cleethorpes DN35 0BY

Costs: Children: £ 3.80, Adults: £ 4.60, Family: £ 14.60

An absolute classic of the swimming pool genre.

Cleethorpes gives you the basic lap options as well as a whole host of fun features.

There are a number of slides and slides, as well as a wave machine.

The new renovation also means that a non-slip flooring has been laid around the center to increase safety.

It takes a little over an hour to get to from Lincoln, but it’s worth … mainly to enjoy fish and chips on the beach afterwards.

3 – Rutland Aquapark

Where: Aqua Park Rutland, Bull Brig Ln, Whitwell, Oakham LE15 8BL

Cost: £ 20 + per person

The Aqua Park is located on the beautiful Rutland Water reservoir and is similar to the fun in Lincolnshire Park.

However, it’s even bigger than its neighbor with 36+ obstacles on offer including climbing walls, trampolines, balance boards, rockers, scooters and some of the UK’s largest slides.

It takes about an hour to get there from Lincoln.

All visitors must also be at least six years old and over four feet tall to participate.

The entrance fee also includes the adjustment of the wetsuit and life jacket.

4 – water meadows

Where: Water Meadows Swimming & Fitness Complex, Titchfield Park, Bath St, Mansfield NG18 1BA

Costs: children: £ 4.20, adults: £ 5.65, concessions: £ 4.20.

Sure, the adjoining gym is all well and good, but will you have as much fun as you would in the water park?

Probably not.

Water Meadows has three different slides, wave machines, rapids, and even water cannons.

There is also a 25-meter competition pool if you want to focus solely on your fitness.

Depending on traffic, it will take just under an hour to reach the Mansfield complex.

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5 – The dome

Where: The Dome, Doncaster Lakeside, Bawtry Road, Doncaster DN4 7PD

Costs: Children: £ 7.00, Adults: £ 8.50 Under 5: £ 5.00

It may go beyond the county limits in Yorkshire, but Doncaster’s Dome still takes less than an hour to get there.

The Dome has a lot going for it, including ice skating and roller blading, but the lagoons are the biggest attraction, with seven interconnected pools, hot tubs, geysers, and some iconic slides.

There are giant water slides as well as the famous Amazonia Falls Water Slide to get the blood pumping.

Would you like to make a day out of it? The entrance fees for ice skating and roller skating are the same as for pool entry.

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